5 Trends Shaping Music Production in 2024

1) AI-Assisted Creativity: There is no denying that AI has rapidly taken a big place in our lives, jobs, and personal. AI tools are also revolutionizing songwriting and production, offering new possibilities for melody generation, chord progressions, and even mixing assistance. A word of caution: Use with common sense! Don’t let AI do everything, I truly believe we need the human element in music as well as in other forms of art.

2) Remote Collaboration: Online platforms are making it easier than ever for artists and producers to work together across distances, opening up global creative possibilities. I can personally attest to this since 95% of my projects are done remotely!

3) Immersive Audio: Spatial audio technologies like Dolby Atmos are gaining traction, pushing producers to explore more engaging, three-dimensional soundscapes. While not yet standard across all platforms, their growing adoption signals a shift towards more immersive listening experiences.

4) Sustainability Focus: Eco-friendly practices in recording and production are gaining traction, from energy-efficient equipment to considering the carbon footprint of digital distribution.

5) Stem Mixing Revolution: The rise of stem-based mixing and mastering gives artists and producers more flexibility in post-production and remixing, allowing for creative control even after the initial production phase. Even though this has been around for a while, it gains more and more traction.