Unlocking Your Creativity: 10 Unconventional Songwriting Exercises

Struggling to find inspiration for your next song? Don’t worry! In this blog post, we’ll explore 10 unconventional songwriting exercises to unlock your creativity. These unique exercises are designed to help you break free from the creative rut and write amazing songs. So, let’s dive in!

Embrace Random Words

Using a random word generator, pick five words. Write a song incorporating them in any order. This forces you to think creatively and weave a captivating story around these words.

Travel Through Music

Choose an interesting location like a city, beach, or mountain. Write a song inspired by its atmosphere, people, and culture. This broadens your songwriting perspective and emotions.

Team Up with Non-Musicians

Collaborate with someone outside the music industry, like a painter or writer. Exchange ideas and merge your creative minds. The collaboration may lead to unique and unconventional songs.

Race Against Time

Set a 15-minute timer and write a complete song within that timeframe. Focus on getting your ideas out, not on perfection. This exercise helps you think quickly and become a more efficient songwriter.

Revamp a Classic

Pick a famous song and rewrite its lyrics, keeping the original melody and structure. This challenges you to think critically about the song’s composition while creating something new. Note: Don’t infringe on someone else’s copyright!

Change the Perspective

Take a song you’ve written and rewrite it from another character’s perspective. This exercise helps you explore different narratives and understand your songs from various angles.

Play Musical Mad Libs

Write a simple song structure with blanks for lyrics. Invite friends or family to fill in the blanks with random words or phrases. Use their input to create a unique song reflecting collective creativity.

Swap Genres

Choose a song from a different genre than your usual style. Study its structure, melody, and lyrics. Write a song inspired by those elements while incorporating your signature style.

Spin the Emotional Wheel

List different emotions, like happiness or anger. Use a randomizer to pick one. Write a song that conveys the selected emotion, pushing yourself to explore new emotional territory.

Master Storytelling

Select a favorite book, movie, or TV show. Write a song that tells its story in a condensed form. This exercise helps you practice storytelling and create engaging narratives within a song.


By trying these unconventional songwriting exercises, you’ll unlock your creativity and discover new approaches to your craft. Experiment, stay curious, and enjoy the process of growth as a songwriter. Remember, our team is here to help you with music production if you need assistance in bringing your creative vision to life. So, go ahead and start unlocking your creativity with these 10 exercises!

Still stuck? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help with songwriting and production!